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Frequently Asked Questions

- What is Karate -do ?

- Applying for a course

- How the elderly can start karate ?

- When buying your karate outfit ?

- Contests

- Private lessons

- Övvizsga



Karate -do:

Ancient Far Eastern martial arts that deals with the education of the body and the spirit . Various physical stress gradually nehezülő teach karate techniques , as well as various forms of self-defense. Develop the willpower and endurance , self-reliant and self-confident to make disciples .

Moral and ethical upbringing teaches them to respect, discipline and moral behavior.

Karate -do is not sport but life, therefore a healthy lifestyle for all regardless of gender and age .

Veresi karate SE . :

Since 2006 there are bloody karate training. Opportunity to learn karate for all ages .



Apply for this course
The workouts are open to everyone . Enrolment ask one passport picture and a completed application form . The first two months of comfortable athletic uniforms , the third month of karate belt, pants , shirt , jacket ( karate gi ) are required.



How the elderly can start karate ?

For this question , I can say that there is a 3 -year-old student of mine who really likes to go for training . At all events, I propose a test session without any constraint .


When buying your karate outfit ?
I used to say that the first three months after the coach should not place after consultation.

Training: every day of the week, on demand training opportunities regardless Exam
Training camps : Every year we organize several national and international courses and training camp , in Budapest

Basis of preparation and start-up opportunities for application and selection provided by the Hungarian Karate Federation competitions .

private lessons
After a personal meeting.


Exame make everyone who participated in the training sessions over 4 months, 80 % of the time and in the past has demonstrated adequate progress .
Blue and green övtől the six -month waiting time amended, and may be used only exam training camp .
Our style is working adults, children and preschoolers övvizsga system.
Adults can make their exam in a given year who spend 16 of age , children from 8 , preschoolers in eight years.